BMI Goes India is Live Indian Electronic Dance thats sounds like Ravi Shankar meets The Chemical Brothers, performed by two brothers that bring you in ecstasy.
Barend is a trained sitar player and Maarten is a producer and takes care of the electronics. Together they blend elements of classical Indian and Bollywood music from the sixties and seventies with modern dance music into an unique style. This style can be labeled as Asian Underground but there is much more to it than that.

BMI also has a good live reputation and have played on many big Dutch festivals including Solar, Mandala, Solstice, Beyond, Holi Fusion and Festival Mundial. Now for the first time their music can be heard on an album. On this album you will hear a wide range of dance styles including drum ’n bass, electro, psychedelic and world beats. All of this mixed with infectious sitar licks and melodies. Live BMI goes India have some special visuals and when possible dancers from Nova Fire to extend their performance.

So be ready for a dance infested Indian trip!

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