Barend I Sitar Maarten I Electronics Vasudevan I Vocals

“Maarten and Barend control the dance music and the sitar.

This brings them to this groundbreaking dance.

An album full of diversity. Definitely worth a look and listen here!!”

Mpodia (2018)

The Tromp brothers form the beating heart of BMI Goes India (Psychedelic Indian electronic dance with live sitar). They build a bridge between electronic dance music and classical Indian and Bollywood music. Ravi Shankar meets the Chemical Brothers, you could call it. In the meantime BMI Goes India has built up a great live reputation and has played at a wide diversity of festivals in their home country Netherland and abroad, such as Mysteryland, Xperience festival, Psy fi, International Day of Yoga, Visions of Paradise and festival Mundial.

Meanwhile BMI goes India has a good live reputation. They brought several big European festivals in higher spheres. Amongst others Festival Mundial, Mysteryland, Solar, Mandala, Solstice, Beyond, Walfrieden and Psy Fi.

BMI Goes India has released two albums. For the third album the approach is a bit different. From now on every few weeks a single will be released online (Spotify etc) . Nowadays they also work with Indian singer Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan (Madras Chorus) and you can also hear live tabla percussion in their music. Soon they also will show their skills on stage together. Besides that there are also plans for an Indian tour.

“I already call my favorite track One Day in Dharamsala…

But On Ravi On Acid you mainly hear the electro that

predominates and for this song the dance lovers will

often press the repeat button.”

Gezien & Gehoord (2018)

Yaman ft Vasudevan (2019)
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