“Maarten and Barend control the dancemusic and the sitar.

This brings them to this groundbreaking dance.

An album full of diversity. Definitely worth a look and listen here!!”

Mpodia I 2018

BMI Goes India is a Dutch dance duo (Eindhoven / Weert) of the Tromp brothers. Barend is a trained sitar player and Maarten is a producer and takes care of the electronics. It is a unique combination of modern electronic dance and classical Indian influences.

The infectious sitarlicks with tight beats ensures a very special own sound. Meanwhile BMI Goes India has a good live reputation. Already the brought several festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in higher spheres. Including Mysteryland, Solar, Festival Mundial,┬áMandala, Solstice, Novas Incident, Beyond, Xperience festival Waldfrieden and Psy Fi…. and much more!

In 2018 a lot is going to happen for BMI goes India and they brought their second album “SANSKRITIZED”. This stands for the mixing of old and new styles and that is exactly what BMI Goes India also does in their music. On this album they subtly bring a wide range of dance styles. From upbeat drum ’n bass, electro to psychedelic and world music and everything in between. The music is even more crystallized than on their first album. Live they will go one step further and they use a special decor with visuals. This is what makes you feel good and dreaming about a different world … as you dance the night away!

“I already call my favorite One Day in Dharamsala…

But On Ravi On Acid you mainly hear the electro that

predominates and for this song the dance lovers will

often press the repeat button.”

Gezien & Gehoord I 2018

Madhu Kauns
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