live asian dance, sitar
Where the sheep sleep – Burning man Netherlands
July 28, 2017
Park berg & bos

A last minute gig! And not one to miss… we are going to play on “Where the sheep sleep” the burning man festival from the Netherlands. A transformative event needs a special environment… it’s to be found deep in the woods of the Dutch Veluwe… A place for amazement, creativity and community!

This year, Where the Sheep Sleep will be held on the beautiful Bosweide inside Park Berg & Bos in Apeldoorn.
Green slopes, majestic trees and even a tranquil spot for our Temple: Berg & Bos has everything our Sheeps need for a weekend of dreamed reality.
Berg & Bos is part of a nature reserve and is granted to us, thanks to our continuous effort in Leaving No Trace and cleaning all MOOP. This does however limits the use of open fires and amplified music at night. Other than that, it’s the perfect spot for this Burn Event where we invite all co-dreamers that want to make their dreams a reality.